Marine and the beginning when you put the game.

The Marine is the main character in Plazma Burst 1, 2 and probably the upcoming 3. He went back in time to prevent the slavery of mankind with Noir Lime. The Marine is quiet unlike the social Proxy, but has some conversations with his friends and teammates.


In Plazma Burst 1, the Marine wears weak armour and a skier's mask. His suit becomes more upgraded and he retrieves a simple helmet, then a sophisticated helmet. His armour is also upgraded and more detailed.

Plazma Burst 2 gives you the choice to have more suits and helmets including the old skier's mask, more classic helmets and a large heavy battlesuit with 750 HP. His suit is distinctive from other characters such as the Usurpations' suits.
Marine pic1

The default armour.

The color of the suit can also be changed to gray, green, red, blue and more colours in Plazma Burst 2.


Little is known about the Marine except for the fact he is a skilled marksman, assassin and soldier. He befriends Noir Lime in a Civil Security Detention Cell and the break out and go back in time. The Marine attacks the guarding soldiers and meets back up with Noir Lime. They inflitrate a Falkok base and make their way to a shuttle. Noir Lime is wounded by the Giant Robot and the Marine has to leave Noir Lime, in a Falkok Medic Ship.

The Marine goes to his present era and finds the Civil Security and Usurpations. He fights his way through 29 action packed levels before discovering Proxy. The two form a team and meet up with Noir Lime. Then, the three are ready to go "forward to the past" and find the time machine.

The Marine will almost definitely appear in Plazma Burst 3, possibly with Noir Lime and Proxy. There, he might solve the slavery problem and end the trilogy.