The Falkonians have enslaved humanity, the Marine and Noir Lime are sent by an unkown organization [Possibly C-01, as the weapons the Marine starts with are all made by C-01 and "C-01" is on his backpack.] to free the human race.

Plazma Burst: Forward To The PastEdit

At the start of there mission, things are already going wrong for Noir Lime and the Marine, not only have they landed on the wrong planet but have seperated during their arival. The Marine lands deep in SSF [Space Special Forces are the human enemy from PB:FTP.] territory, and Noir Lime starts in a Falkok controled base. Eventuly they find eachother and contine to a Falkonian base, were thay encounter the "Elite Falkok" Alpha, Beta and Delta. [Which look like the Usurpers from PB2.] Then they destroy the boss bot, "Robot Omega", Noir Lime is badly hurt in the fight, the Marine drags him to a Falkonian ship.

Between The GamesEdit

The Marine pilots the Falkonian ship to a retreat[Most likely ran by the same company that sent them on the mission] and leaves Noir Lime there, then gets a Capsule and head's for Earth.

Plazma Burst 2Edit

After leaving Noir Lime, the Marine lands on Earth in an underground tunnel, possibly a mine. He soon finds new enemys: Civil Security Forces and Usurpers. After fighting through the Civil Securitys and Usurpers, the Marine encounters Proxy, then Noir Lime is shot down and crashes infront of Proxy and the Marine. The team then fight through a CS base to the teleporter, which leads them back to the past to stop the alien threat.

Plazma Burst 3-What Happens Next?Edit

Plazma Burst 3 is yet to be announced, with Plazma Burst 2 still in Beta with lots of planned updates, the next release won't come for quite a while.

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